The different fields of the database are coordinated with those at CeNDR. Please refer to previous entries for formats. Leave empty if irrelevant or unknown.

species = genus and species full names

strain = alphanumeric strain name

source_lab = lab code of the lab that donated the strain

landscape = coding developed to described for the area where a strain is collected [Forest, Agricultural_land, Urban_garden, Rural_garden, Botanical_garden/zoo, Wet_shrubland]

locality_description = free description, including name of village/city, state for US/Canada, country

substrate = item sampled from nature [format as much as possible like previous entries]

substrate_comments = notes about the sample and area in nature

latitude = GPS in decimal format

longitude = GPS in decimal format

species_ID_method = test cross, ITS2 sequence, etc.

associated_organism = organism isolated from the same sample, for example a pathogen

life_stage = developmental stage of the animal at the time of sampling, dauer, L4, adult, etc.

log_size_of_population = 1 if < 10, 2 if < 100, etc.

males_observed = whether males were observed in the population or as F1 progeny

inbreeding_state = [Isofemale, Selfed, Multifemale, Multiple worms]

sampled_by = the person who collected the sample from nature

sampling_date = day when the sample was taken in YYYY-MM-DD format

sampling_date_comments = notes about the sampling date, often if it is not known exactly notes = additional comments, including history of when the strain was sent to CGC

isolated_by = the person who picked the worm in the lab

set = the numbered set that the strain belongs in CeNDR

isotype = based on sequence data, the isotype to which a strain belongs

previous_names = any strain names used for this strain previous (e.g. N2 for VC2010)

sequenced = 0 or 1 for whether the strain has been whole-genome sequenced

release = release date for this strain's data at CeNDR

substrate_temp = temperature in C for the substrate

ambient_temp = temperature in C at the time of collection

ambient_humidity = humidity in %RH at the time of collection

photo = name and location of the photo of the collection