LabCollector will manage a variety of day-to-day useful information in a collaborative way on your lab network (creates an Intranet) or online. Manages any kind of lab inventoris, including Strains, plasmids, primers, reagents, antibodies, animals, samples, equipment, chemical structures, documents, address book, storage places, orders. A vast catalog of add-ons is available like the ELN, core facilities management, temperature monitoring, WorkFlow, and much more... Uses barcodes for efficient samples and data tracking. Visit also:

Serial Cloner 2.6.1

A freeware developed by Franck Perez. Very neat and efficient. Serial Cloner is a Molecular Biology software. It provides tools with an intuitive interface that assists you in DNA cloning, sequence analysis and visualization. Has an intuitive Interface. Serial Cloner will assist you in setting-up new sub-cloning projects and in preparing the electronic versions of your constructs.